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Tips on personal branding

Gen Y personal branding expert, Dan Schawbel, lists a series of insightful comments about personal branding on his blog. Among his tips for Gen Ys wanting to manage their personal brands to maximise their careers are:

  • Make your life one giant networking event.
  • In order to succeed in the new world of work you MUST become the commander of your career.
  • Be the real you because everyone else is taken and replicas don’t sell for as much.
  • As technology rapidly changes, your personal brand remains constant.
  • You are the chief marketing officer for the brand called you, but what others say about your brand is more impactful than what you say about yourself.
  • To secure your brand, spend more of your time networking outside of your company than within.
  • When it comes to the web, you are graded based solely on what is observable.
  • Proficiency in social media is a differentiator now, but will soon be a qualifier.
  • The goal of personal branding is to be recruited based on your brand, not applying for jobs.
  • When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.
  • Visibility creates opportunities.
  • Social media is a career catalyst…it lets you accomplish a lifetimes worth of work in a short period of time.
  • Lead with your brand and let the compensation follow.
  • Your name and face carry your brand in both reality and virtual reality, such that wherever they are cited, your personal brand is at stake.

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Claiming your brand on social networks

Following on from yesterday, Dan Schawbel, in his Personal Branding Blog, recommends three steps that everyone should take to claim their personal brand online.  These are:

Domain names
This means going to your local hosting service and registering immediately, before someone else takes it from you.  You can do so for around $7 including tax, with the promotional code OYH3.

Social network names
Claim your name on the leading social networks to secure your personal brand.  The reason for this is because the top social networks rank very high in Google, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and blogging services, such as WordPress and Blogger.  As with your domain, someone (a competitor or someone with your actual name) can take this from you as we speak.  You’ve heard the story about Exxon Mobile and how someone registered this brand name on Twitter , right?  The moral of the story is that people can do damage to your brand (name), unless you protect yourself.

Check your user name
Now that you think you have your name on various social networks, it’s time to do a test run.  If you go to, you can check which social networks you’ve claimed your name on.  Don’t freak out if you haven’t registered your name on “Colourlovers” or “12seconds” because many of you haven’t even heard of them.  If you’re smart, you will take action on the leading networks.

So, off you go.  Go out and file your claim.

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