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Social Networking in an Unemployed World

I’ve been connected to people on Linked in since it’s inception in 2002 and in the beginning it was a net place for nerdy people to promote themselves and stay in touch. Increasingly¬†¬†if you’re not LinkedIn, you’re left out – of job offers, company start up opportunities, resources knowledge and tips and techniques for just about any problem that exists. In the past few months since the economic downturn I’ve noticed more activity on LinkedIn and in observation I’ve seen the following:

* increased activity by members when they are about to leave an organisation

* increased referrals when there is a concern that organsiations are about to go belly up or the people are about to be retrenched

* necessity overcomes ego in the quest to find a new role.

I’m wondering if social networking sites such as LinkedIn are predictors for organisational health and could act as a barometer for the stock market.


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