The high five of job seeking tips

Many people are now on the market looking for new roles. Good people, excellent and talented people. So it is a buyers market at the moment. In a competitive job environment it is important to ensure you put your best “foot” forward.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Do your homework.  Find out what opportunities are opening within our own company, where the jobs are arising in other companies, and which industries are hiring.  Read the careers sections of your local papers and surf online jobs boards, which will help with search strategies and salary calculators.  If you’re considering a leap into a new industry, speak to people who are already in this field (if you don’t know anyone, then consider networking online). 
  2. Promote your professional assets.  Don’t be afraid to let your boss know that you are looking for challenging projects.  Present your ideas, volunteer to take on new projects, and learn other people’s jobs and responsibilities so you can jump in and help out if needed.
  3. Dust off your resume.  Ensure your CV lists your latest responsibilities and accomplishments.  Use active language (‘generated’, ‘improved’, ‘created’ and ‘led’ are good words) and outline measurable results and achievements.  Keep your resume as short and sweet as possible, and customise it each time you apply for a position.
  4. Build a reputation.  Create a name for yourself by developing a specialty.  Identify your key talents and passions, and then make yourself an expert.  Ensure others know that this is your area of expertise.
  5. Maximise social networks.  Networking can provide the best job leads.  Tell everyone in your social circle that you are looking for new opportunities.  Visit job fairs, chamber of commerce networking nights and conferences.  Join LinkedIn; create a Facebook page and profile.  View social network sites as an advertisement and research tool.  Just make sure potential employees don’t stumble upon inappropriate content!

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