Telecommuting beating the credit crunch

The US’ Computer Weekly has identified ten social trends and technology advancements which are spurring companies to implement ‘telecommuting’ strategies. These factors demonstrate that the technology, and timing, is now right to make telecommuting a viable option for business.  Among the identified trends, are:

  • Broadband growth: as the number of homes with broadband Internet access grows, working from home becomes more viable.
  • Remote collaborative applications: such as Web 2.0, web meetings and VoIP can lead to huge productivity gains.
  • Telework tools: the proliferation of smartphones and PDAs, together with laptop and mobile computers, has given millions or workers the tools to telework.
  • Work perks: Telecommuting is such a prized job perk that recent research from Sonic Wall carried out by the FactPoint group shows that just over a third (37%) of IT workers say they’d accept up to a 10 per cent lower salary to work full-time from home.
  • Keen to be green: a company’s carbon footprint has become a key indicator of its environmental record, so companies keen to be “green” do measure their carbon footprints.
  • Bounce back from disasters: telecommuting by definition distributes employees away from central offices that may be knocked out through power outages, weather, traffic jams or localised disturbances.

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