Managers get half of hiring decisions wrong

Half of hiring decisions are mistake, according to a new survey out of the UK. This is interesting in the current recession where employers are putting potential employees through longer and more interviews than they have in the past.

The Recruiting Roundtable has found bad hiring costing firms millions of dollars in lower performance, less engaged workers and higher staff turnover.

The researchers, who analysed data from more than 8,500 hiring managers and 19,000 of their most recent hires, found that a similar number of new employees are disenchanted with their working environment, colleagues and managers.

In fact, four out of 10 new employees polled complained that the information they received about the job when they were applying was less than accurate.

Given the high cost of early career turnover, organisations cannot afford to make the wrong hiring decisions.  The Recruiting Roundtable says it had identified the three most important reasons organisation failed consistently to hire high-quality candidates:

  • over-relying on candidates to describe themselves rather than having them demonstrate what they can do
  • failing to follow a consistent, evidence-based selection decision process
  • failing to provide the candidate with enough information and “experience” about what the job was really like.

Providing candidates with an ‘on-the-job’ experience can help organisations observe a candidate’s capabilities and provide the candidate with a better sense of what the job is really like.


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