Making the most of work and family life

The skills learnt by parents as they raise their children – everything from refereeing a fight between two four year olds (conflict resolution) to answering the phone, ironing a shirt and bathing the baby at the same time (multitasking) can help boost work performance and life satisfaction.

In an article with Human Capital Magazine earlier this year, Director of Parent Wellbeing, Jodie Benveniste, says that when it comes to work/life balance, we’ve got our thinking wrong. 

“Work-family balance assumes a scarcity model. It proposes that people have a fixed and limited amount of time and energy.  If work is taking all that time and energy, then family life suffers or vice-versa. But the relationship between work and family is much more dynamic than that.”

Benveniste argues that the concept of work-family balance should be replaced with ‘Work Family Flow’. Instead of working parents trying to ‘balance’ work and family, they should try to optimise work and family.  In other words, make the most of work and family.


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