Gen Y friendly workplaces

Following are some tips from ITworld for making the workplace more friendly to Generation Y:

  • Make retention a top priority: Focus on it. Talk about it. Never lose talent just because you neglected to pay attention to what’s important.
  • Give constant feedback: A poll by Robert Half International and Yahoo! HotJobs of more than 1,000 Gen Yers showed more than 60 per cent of them want to hear from their managers at least once a day. Employees expect freedom combined with frequent, honest feedback.
  • Relay praise: If you’ve heard someone praise one of your team members, let that person know of the praise. Add some of your own.
  • Bring joy back into the workplace: When people enjoy their work, when the climate is positive, when people laugh and smile often, resilience and productivity are higher.
  • Provide challenging and meaningful work: They do not want to be bored, and they want to know how their work fits into the company’s big picture.
  • Stay in tune to their need for life balance: They are sensitive to keeping work life, home life and community life in balance. They may stay up all night to finish a special project, but over the long term, they won’t sacrifice family and friends for the sake of their job.
  • Frequently connect with your team members: Encourage them. Show interest in their work. Challenge them. The climate will become more motivating for them and for you.

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