Finding square holes for square pegs

Often, when there are people in your organisation who aren’t performing as you’d like, the problem can be in know-how and training, which is quite easily fixed.

However, it becomes more complex if they are a “round peg in a square hole”, or a “square peg in a round hole”, or their work environment is not positive.

The solutions for someone who is in the wrong position can include finding a better fitting position for them in your company – or finding them a better fitting position for them outside your company.

If you do nothing and you elect to tolerate mediocrity, you will end up with a problem you wish you didn’t have.  You will lose credibility, trust and respect as a leader – and you will likely experience productivity, quality and morale challenges… and the list could go on.

Research shows around 25 per cent of Australian employees change jobs each year. And when you consider staff turnover costs are up to 150 per cent of a person’s annual salary, this represents a significant cost to business.

The cost of replacing even a B performer, let alone an A (if you can find one in today’s environment) is incredibly high – downtime, impacts on existing team members, management distraction in re-hiring, cost of recruitment, lost sales relationships – all these things have a massive impact on your business.


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