Background sounds for business?

For all those teleworkers worried about the domestic sounds of barking dogs, children and lawnmowers, is selling the Thriving Office CD

The CD plays “background sounds for home businesses” such as phones ringing, typewriters clacking (does anyone still use one?) and people conversing.

I suppose the idea is that when telecommuters pick up the phone to speak with their clients, instead of hearing the children squabbling, the washing machine churning or Oprah chatting on TV, they instead hear the sounds of a busy office.

But, wait a minute.  These are the very same sounds that remind us of why teleworking can be such a productive choice.  Working from home eliminates all those office distractions and interruptions like ringing phones, boisterous or disruptive colleagues, jammed photocopiers, queues for the printer, unexpected deliveries, not to mention water cooler conversations.

The sounds on this CD is exactly why Bell Atlantic Corporation has said that 25 hours spent working at home is the equivalent of 40 hours in the office.


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