Teleworkers healthy, wealthy and wise

Companies offering telework programs are finding their employees more productive, happier and richer, according to a recent survey.


The US Unified Communications Survey, released in August, shows that nearly 60 per cent of 821 US white-collar workers polled save at least US$25 per month on fuel costs by working at home. Another 25 per cent reported saving more than US$100 per month by performing their jobs outside of the office.


High fuel costs are leading many companies to create teleworking programs that put more money in employee’s pockets without increasing their salaries.


Yet fuel prices aren’t the only drivers for employers looking to offer employees a more flexible work environment. 64 per cent of the teleworkers said they are more productive and produce better-quality work when allowed to do their jobs from a location other than the office, according to Mitel’s survey results.


The survey results also show that 22 per cent of employees would re-evaluate their current positions if their employer didn’t offer a telework program. And 42 per cent responded that companies looking to attract, hire and retain talent should implement telework programs as an option for employees.


When you look at both productivity and recruitment and retention, the ROI case for teleworking is hard to ignore.


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