Global world, global crisis

In recent years, the world has witnessed unprecedented levels of economic liberalisation resulting in increased flows of people, goods, capital and money between nations, markets and economic spheres. If we needed a reminder that we live in a global economy, the global financial crisis has sent the message through, loud and clear.

We’ve all heard the talk of global recession, banks being nationalised, the end of free deregulated markets and rising unemployment in all developed countries. I think many HR managers were relieved that the current economic uncertainty would give see a slight loosening in the candidate market. And that is true. However, while unemployment is forecast to rise to 6 per cent and the lack of job creation in September means that there is some short-term relief, our demographic profile tells us that the skills shortage is here for the long haul. Organisations will continue to look at how they recruit and retain people, especially the best performers in their industry.

The best thing any company can do to attract the best and brightest is to maintain a positive attitude. Our society has moved to a culture of negativity and a view that the way to be heard is to complain. In 1994 there were 3 positive messages in the media for every 1 negative article, today there is 1 positive message for every 18 negative articles.

Translate those statistics into your own organisation and assess which way the wind blows on an up-beat, can-do culture.  The organisations that people want to work for are those with a positive culture – no matter how dire the prevailing external environment.


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