HR secrets of Fortune 20 companies

In the most recent issue, Workforce Magazine provided some stats on the top HR leaders among Fortune’s 20 Most Admired Companies.  Jason Corsello (who writes Human Capitalist blog) analysed those statistics and uncovered some interesting facts:

  • Companies also appearing on the Best Companies to Work: 8 (40%)
  • Average HR leaders’ tenure at their company: 15.2 years
  • Years in top HR leadership position: 3.1 years (this is somewhat misleading as 50% of the leaders have been in their position less than 2 years)
  • Demographics: Male 11 (55%), Female 8 (40%), Undisclosed 1 (5%)
  • Average age of top HR leader: 48.8
  • Youngest HR Leader: 35 (Laszlo Bock – Google, 35)
  • Average age (male): 50.6 (52.2 without Laszlo Bock)
  • Average age (female): 46
  • Previous backgrounds: sales (Nordstrom, Goldman Sachs), legal (Target, UPS), product management (Microsoft, BMW)
  • Facebook users: 2 (both female)

Also, 66 per cent of the companies included use VP/SVP of Human Resources as their title of choice.  Interestingly, Google and Southwest are more progressive and use “people” instead of HR (goes back to yesterday’s post about “talent” v “HR”.


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