Barbie – the new millennium worker

Here’s someone who could be the perfect model for new millennium workers – Barbie.

You have to admire a woman who has expanded her career portfolio almost as much as her wardrobe!

Over the years, Barbie has undergone more than 500 professional career transitions. In what appear to be effortless moves, her official careers have included: fashion designer, flight attendant, rock star, astronaut, police officer, arctic explorer, gymnast, veterinarian, nurse, doctor, ballerina, dentist and aerobics instructor.

In fact, Barbie has starred in just about every conceivable profession including, most recently, as a new member of the Star Trek crew.

Barbie also appears to be financially independent. She owns her own sports car, Corvette, Mustang, moto rhome, speedboat, horses and houses. Let’s face it, this doll has a far more exciting life than most of us and has the work/life balance trapezium licked. She skis, surfs, rollerblades, rides horseback, plays volleyball, scuba dives, dances, ice skates, goes mountain biking and excels at gymnastics.

When Barbie is not networking with her working mates or working out, she goes to the movies, gives dinner parties, does the shopping, and even makes her own clothes, with her eponymous CD-ROM designer software.

Somehow Barbie made it all look so easy. Always meticulously well-dressed and accessorised, Dream House sparkling, solid relationship with Ken, Barbie never looks stressed from interviewing caterers, examining fifty fabric swatches, liaising with travel agents or researching landscaping techniques. And not a single annual planner, life coach or self help book in sight!

I’m with the bumper sticker: “I want to be like Barbie, that lucky bitch has everything.” 

I just hope Mattel continues to encourage Barbie to ‘transition’ her career.  How about politician Barbie with a contrite Ken and a best selling memoir?  Or Telemarketer Barbie with headset and cubicle?  The possibilities are endless – and that’s the whole point of life.


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