What do Millenials want?

What do teens want? Tech, tech and moretech, according to the What Teens Want conference held in Manhattan last month.

Technology is starting to define what’s cool in a way that fashion used to define what’s cool, reports Melbourne’s The Age. For teens, as long as it’s technology, it’s what’s hot.

The article also points to an online survey which revealed that 93 per cent of teens prefer the internet to television.  New York high school senior Jonathan Molyneaux says: “You can watch TV shows on the internet, so what’s the point?”  He says he’s cut virtually all conventional TV viewing and has email forwarded to his mobile phone, which he dubs “my life”.

Ms Wells’ research also found 57 percent of teens prefer Facebook over MySpace, 71 per cent choose text messages over instant messaging and 65 per cent would rather use a Mac computer instead of a PC. That’s a sign of brand strength, since far fewer teens own a Mac.


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