Building partnerships

As companies across all sectors of Australia’s economy fight for their fair share of talent, recruitment agencies have risen to prominence in the minds of company leaders and HR professionals.  In a tight labour market, expert assistance is vital.

In the April edition of Human Capital Magazine, Iain Hopkins looks at what agencies do well, what they don’t do well, and what they need to improve.

He tells us that the most commonly heard gripes are unwelcome cold calling, putting forward inappropriate candidates, inexperienced consultants and recruitment cost blowouts.

But what does best practice in the recruitment industry look like?  Julie Mills, CEO of the RCSA, suggests that partnerships are the key.  Savvy HR managers need to look for other service offerings as part of the recruitment consultancy package, such as career counselling or business assistance.

“Recruiters have broadened their business offerings and part of that is because they want to be in partnerships. So ask: do they want to partner with you or are they talking to you because you are a person at the end of the service chain? The best recruitment company for your business is the one that mirrors your business standards,” Mills says.

The recruitment industry is certainly moving down the path of relationship and partnership building.  Good recruitment consultants work with a business to build solid long-term relationships and structures.  As the skills squeeze continues, and quality candidates become harder to find, recruitment companies and their clients need to work together to ensure they can source – and sustain – the very best talent.


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