Gamers the CEOs of the future?

And following on from yesterday, to draw another parallel between World of Warcraft and the real world of business, both are experiencing skills shortages.

On the World of Warcraft site, for example, a ‘recruitment’ discussion board – the World of Warcraft’s equivalent of – has thousands of requests for skilled players, and equally players looking to join new guilds.

For example, one post reads:

No Sleep for the Weary is a night guild on a Central time RP-PVP server. In general we are a laid back guild, but are looking to get a few more healers into our more serious raiding corp, as this is the only thing holding us back from success. We would like people who, while not extraordinarily hardcore, will be solid raiding attendees. Raid times are 3-4 nights a week from midnight to 4am Central (10 PM – 2 AM Pacific).

To be successful in WoW, players need to know how to find the right people with the right skills for their guild.  Guild leaders need to be experts in those ’soft skills’ of people management, with the ability to motive and inspire, ensure productivity and deal with conflict.

And of course, leaders need to find ways to overcome the complications of bringing a large group of diverse people together to achieve a common goal.


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