Generation X marks the spot

On Friday, I looked at what makes Generation Y workers tick.  If you’re a Generation Xer, do you ever feel completely left out of generational discussions?

If you do, it’s not surprising, as X Genners are the generation lost in space – between two generations that are in high demand for their skills. Only 40 per cent of X Genners said it was easy to find a job when they left school or university, while 60 per cent of Y Genners said it was.

X Genners saw their parents’ jobs downsized, rightsized and outsourced in the early 1990s and decided that loyalty did not deliver on its promise. As the first generation of latch key kids (and feeling that they received a raw deal because of it), they are also very focused on achieving balance in their work and family believing they will be better parents.  

X Genners are also caught between a generation who will not retire and give up the control of senior positions and a group of young workers who are demanding rapid promotion to senior roles.  

They could be a generation who don’t have the full opportunity to climb the corporate ladder either serially in an organisation or laterally by moving in and out of organisations and industries – a career path we will allow Y Genners to have.

Does that sound like you?


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    Karen Jamal said,

    When I finished uni in 1995, you were lucky to get a job. I completed a Bachelor of Arts and was told to line up for a career at McDonalds! Friends who had studied hard for law degrees completed ‘summer clerkships’ – basically unpaid work experience – over the university holidays in the hope they’d score a job. How times have changed – now the professions have to lure graduates with iPods and swanky cocktail parties.

  2. 2

    Nicole said,

    Couldnt agree more. Talk about stuck between a rock and a hard place. We are left paying for the baby boomers old age, whilst being pushed aside by generation Y who cant wait for us to get out of their way! We were the transitional generation for Australia, earning our stripes when Australia went through some of it’s biggest economic and social changes. We have the work ethic of our parents (some gen y’s seem to lack) and think you should earn your stripes. Now we find that doesnt work! No wonder we want work life balance.

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